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Uh-oh, run and hide!

So this is how it went...I woke up this morning, stressed out alot, stressed out some more, avoided the Queer Peers Coordinator's calls, did laundry, stressed out, set up for the social, had the social, spazzed out, walked to the train station, witnessed drug deal, got on train, tried not to faint when diabetic bitch boy hauling on bud did blood test in my face, got off at Grand Central, walked through the terminal, and then...

THERE SHE WAS, I recognized her on sight, my darlingest Dean Twinchester, memphis86. We had brilliant asian fusion food and had trouble with the math, and the walking and the strand bookstore. So we went to Barnes & Noble and got it into our heads to buy the Supernatural novelization. It was quite a trek, and I'm sure we alienated half the bookstore.

Memfishy shouting "JARED AND JENSEN BUTTSEX FOREVER" tends to do that to people. After that it was Starbucks, a short role as Drugstore Cowboy, and bubble tea.

And now here we are. Watching Camp. Of course. With the turtle going crazy.
Tags: bubble tea, drugstore cowboy, memphis86, supernatural
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