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I cannot hit backspace

Man, you know what I could go for right now?

IAMBIC PENTAMETER. Any Shakespearean mpreg fics out there? Please rec me any and all where Jensen’s belly swells with child and Jared is there to read him a sole-lil-lee-queee.

Fuck correct spelling, for sure. HELLA YEAH. DUDES.

Apparently, Dean's middle name is Aloysius. I know this, it's in the new tie-in novel, “Supernatural: Furry Playtime”. THAT’S RIGHT, NEVERMORE WAS WRITTEN BY A CLOSET FURRY, MY TWEEEEEEN DISCOVERED THIS.

Sam's getting all huffy with Dean for eating the mints off his pillows, and Dean's like: "I HAVE A PROBLEM. HUG ME SAMMEH."

Sam shakes his head, “Dean Alyosius Winchester!”

Dean then adjusts the cat ears and revels in his fresh breath. Sam’s just jealous because he was named after Snuffy. Sam’s real name is Chantell DuBois, he is a little French girl. He is beautiful on the inside, don’t hate.

Oh ducklings, what shall I do? There is so little Jensen/Chad mpreg out there? Especially ones that end with Jared secretly absconding with Jensen to planned parenthood. Fandom? Hook a sister up.
Tags: catgirl!dean is hot, chad is hotter than jared, chad is love, dean alyosius winchester, dean has a funny middlename, i love chad, i love jensen getting preggy, i secretly like chad, jensen getting knocked up by chad, jensen pregnant, jensen with morning sickness, mayhem, nevermore is better than oscar wilde, nevermore was written by a furry, one more tag, sam is a french girl
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