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Be in awe of my multitasking-fu

I'm sitting here listening to Professor Bracken talking about the effect that innovation in transportation and communication had on war, reading miss_begonia's latest fic Can Not Be Denied (it's Hairspray fic, and therefore GENIUS), and writing fic of my own.

Oh yeah, I can multitask!

For cerberos: Meredith is nice and always give me music, the least I can do is return the favor! GERMAN PUNK AND RANDOM SHIT, SAVAGE GARDEN TO COME LATER

For memphis86: The next installment in the themed mix battle--BODY PARTS, sadly there is nothing dirty in here, although Memphis promises me hers will be. People chopped into bits!

For maypirate: I don't know if you like any of the music I give you, because you never tell me, but since you're going through a music crisis, I uploaded a wide variety of things for you! Yay, Music!

In the future: possible art, possible fic, possible mem involving WIPS? Definite ranting about school work.
Tags: ddayinvasionfun, music
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