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It's all going to be fine

I heard tell that anasuede wanted to revamp her music collection, so I uploaded a bunch of stuff, well no, a LOT of stuff when I was sitting bored in class today. I hope she enjoys it. Excellently Beautifully Wonderfully Brilliant music

Also, ericaplease and I have come up with grand plan to cure all the world's ills. Operation Strip Ryro Naked and Kidnap him and his Wardrobe AKA: WILDEBEEST. The clothing for me, and Ryan for her. I am drawing grand scheming diagrams, we are accepting all offers of help.

Also, I'm pretty sure I'm not supposed to be laughing my ass off at the The Fountain, which inspite of the visuals, is one weird fucking movie.
Tags: music, ryro kidnapping, the fountain
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