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Full Frontal Nerdity
Grandpa, put that sword away!
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LA Confidential
Dear Yuletide author,

This is my first time participating in the challenge and I'm very excited. There is somebody else who shares my love for one of these tiny fandoms. That's a gift unto itself!

How did I ever narrow it down to just three things?Collapse )
Stock: Newspaper
Title: Diamond In The Rough
Author: fourfreedoms
Fandom: Hundtricket (The Dog Trick)/Chasing Liberty
Pairing: Micke (Alexander Skarsgard)/Grant Hillman (Stark Sands)
Wordcount: 18,076
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Grant graduates from college, promptly has a mental breakdown, and winds up in Stockholm, all without being quite certain how it happened.

Part 1

Part 2Collapse )
Stock: clock face
Title: Diamond In The Rough
Author: fourfreedoms
Fandom: Hundtricket (The Dog Trick)/Chasing Liberty
Pairing: Micke (Alexander Skarsgard)/Grant Hillman (Stark Sands)
Wordcount: 18,076
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Grant graduates from college, promptly has a mental breakdown, and winds up in Stockholm, all without being quite certain how it happened.
Notes: Two years ago, almost exactly, amberlynne and I came up with this crackbrained idea of Micke from Hundtricket, who desperately needed to get laid by a nice person, and went through the canon of Stark Sands roles, only to stumble on the most hilarious idea of all...Grant, Mandy Moore's hapless date in Chasing Liberty.

Two birthdays later, and I have nearly 20,000 words of unexpectedly serious fic about two boys from completely different lives falling in love. On the shallow side it is the most sex I have ever written in a single story. Enjoy. Much thanks to everybody who audienced this, but especially regala_electra.

He plugged his mobile number in to Grant’s phone and told him very seriously to call him when he woke up the next morning. 'You can’t find your way around Stockholm for shit,' he said with a grin. 'Possibly you should be embarrassed.'Collapse )
mood: hold up
Do you ever re-read your stories? Not because you want to fix it or something, but just to reassure yourself? I don't mean going into your--dare I call it bibliography? Yes, I believe I do--bibliography and going "Man, I am so freakin' brilliant, lookit how brilliant I am!" But rather, when you're in a jam, to remind yourself, that you can write? And furthermore that you can like what you write?

Because I do! There are a couple of fics I do this with actually, "What You Need To Get Through This", the sequel I wrote for "Close Call, Stand Tall" and the Vampire!Nate AU I wrote for mydocuments, "Fitting A Shape That Won't Hold". Right now, as I'm going through the beta of a story that I've been working on for almost two years I really need reminding.

The fic I posted yesterday was the first fic I've posted in nine months! NINE FUCKING MONTHS. Grah, where did it go? I do not suggest unemployment or New York winters to anybody struggling to write. It is extremely unhelpful. Actually, if you're like me, you probably need a high stress environment where people are demanding you do things you hate all the time. I think this means I should probably become an accountant or work in marketing for BP.

Cut for more blather, also procrastination on the writing front.Collapse )

This is a very longwinded way of saying, do you have any fics you use like that? And hey guys, what's happening in your lives and have you seen Drive yet? Because you really should.
Sep 25 11 - Fic: Innervation
Mood: confusion
Title: Innervation
Author: fourfreedoms
Fandom: X-Men: First Class
Pairing: Charles/Erik
Wordcount: 3313
Rating: R
Summary: Never trust spiritual leader who cannot dance - Mr. Miyagi
Notes: I was watching Atonement and suddenly inspired by that scene where Robbie is writing the letter to Cecelia and he stretches his leg out and perfectly wraps his hand around his foot. Suddenly, all I could think of was Charles, raised as a dancer. Hastily written at the asscrack of dawn, so don't hold the insanity against me.

He was lost in a world that ended precisely at his skin.Collapse )
Sep 19 11 - Dear, dear me.
Star Wars: Darth Vader Jazz Hands
Let me start of by saying this: I love Canadians. You people are awesome. Your cab drivers are hilarious, your waiters are darling, your random passersby will give directions, your bookstore owners will chat about everything, your baristas will make me iced tea that isn't on the menu, your museum curators will undercharge us to save us money, your police officers step out of the way if you're walking towards them, your construction workers will allow us to go places we aren't allowed to get good views. Long story short, you rule.

I want only to be with Canadians for the rest of my life.

Unfortunately, because your society is so nice and trusting, we poor Americans don't know what to do. Like the lack of signposting, and traffic direction. Why do you need street signs that make sense if you just trust everybody not to hit people? Now that I have walked, driven, been driven, bussed, trained, ferried, and flown through this place I am convinced the philosophy here is "Eh, you'll figure it out."

And that's great for you guys. But I think if I lived here I'd be constantly staving off a heart attack. So thanks for the memories, Vancouver, and the really, really awesome food, but I'll leave the rest for you.
James Dean: lips

So now may not be the time for a fic party what with my recent track record with these things, but I'm feeling writerly today and yet can't seem to write a word of either my courtesan!AU or the soccer story. THERETOFORE fic party. Prompt away. I will write Charles/Erik, Brad/Nate, Harvey/Mike from Suits, and Marcus/Esca. Oh, oh, and anything, ANYTHING, from Teen Wolf. If I've forgotten a pairing you're welcome to bounce it off me.

Marcus/Esca, Being shy in the sun
Brad/Nate, cage-fighting AU, WIP
Derek/Stiles, Everybody knows except Stiles
Charles/Erik, "We don't have any lube."
Harvey/Mike, Assassin and Intelligence Analyst
Generation Kill: Brad salute
In my adventuring with regala_electra I spotted a new cafe closer to home than my favorite in the East Village. They have free wifi and outdoor seating and the staff is really friendly (and because I'm a music snob, a really good playlist). I'm sitting here right now, profoundly happy with my life. Which is bizarre, because I'm actually seven days away from no job, there are four guests currently staying in my tiny loft apartment, and I tore my hamstring doing drunken cartwheels outside of a gay bar. I can actually bike better than I can walk, so I've been doing a lot of that.

I should be finishing up work right now rather than writing porn about Erik and Charles (I may or may not be writing a story where they are professional soccer players), but I've never been one for doing what I'm supposed to.

I'll be in Chicago for almost a week starting on Friday. I'm probably going to spend most of that time profoundly alcoholated and doing stupid shit. No more hamstring tears though. I promise. Mostly because being on crutches would really kill my style.
Colton Haynes
So I took a break from writing Charles as the bestest courtesan spy the world has ever known and his boyfriend Erik the warrior priest. I wasn't lying two days ago when I said I lost my mind. I'm quite serious. Because I finally gave in and watched Teen Wolf, and I love EVERY CRAPPY ASPECT OF IT.

Deep, deep thought on Teen Wolf. No really. (Spoilers, Obv)Collapse )

I close with this because it says so much more than words.

Mood: okaaaaaaaaaay
I have lost my motherfucking mind. I was watching Cheri and immediately my AU sense pricked at me, and I thought AHAH, I could write an X-Men: First Class story where Charles is the wastrel son of a courtesan and Erik is...hot and then I realized it might be too challenging to write Erik into the Belle Epoque.

And then it came to me. Kushiel's Legacy.

OMG! I need to fit this shit behind a cut it's just too nutty!Collapse )

Just take this gif that totally proves how awesome this idea is as an apology and run as fast as you can.

May 18 11 - What's up, y'all?
Mood: okaaaaaaaaaay
It's question time. I haven't played this game in forever. But I'm bored and trying to avoid making dinner.

Do you have a purse for every separate occasions or do you always carry around just one? How do you feel about polar bears? What was the best concert you ever attended? Do you like to get to the theater early to watch the previews? What is your opinion on hammocks? How about trampolines? What material thing do you spend most of your money on? Books, clothes, music, dishes, dvds? Do you have houseplants? Is there a show that you love but aren't fannish about? How do you feel about me writing pages and pages of Maggie Q/Paul Bettany Priest porn? What celebrity would you kill, sell your left kidney, trample grade schoolers, etc. to meet just for a moment?

Thanks for playing. Have a party favor: "Starlight" by Walter Meego
May 04 11 - I surrender
Stock: clock face
Finished my I surrender meme. Finally. It was eating up my life.

Title: Sovereignty
Prompt: ghostrunner7 gave me: A soldier, a gangster, a person under a terrible oath, a healer, an alcoholic with dangerous passions, and an honorable woman. And the secret (or secret person/thing) they'd all kill to protect. NOT modern times.
Setting: Medieval fantasy world.
Opening Credit Song: "Starts With One (CLASSIXX remix)" by Shiny Toy Guns

Tagline: We must believe in gods no longer if injustice is to prevail over justice.Collapse )
Shirley Manson
1. In Plain Sight is back. Hallelujah.

I don't have too many thoughts. I'm just glad my show is around again.Collapse )

2. Occasionally the rare meme does grace these pages. It should be finished in a day or so. If you would like to play, here's where you can.

1. Comment to this post with "I surrender!" and I'll assign you the basis of some TV show idea. (post-apocalyptic scifi-fi drama, fantasy, noir gumshoe pulp, criminal procedure...IN SPACE, historical drama WITH WEREWOLVES, etc.).
2. Create a cast of characters, including the actors who'd play them.
3. Add in any actor photos, character bios, and show synopsis that you want.
4. Post to your own journal and/or the isurrendered community on DW or LJ.

I've been working on mine pretty nonstop. It shows you how obsessive I am. I think I'm going to come up with a soundtrack too. Uh, yeah, don't look at me.

3. I have more music for you! Also, please comment if you take it. I appreciate it.

Download "Crystal Sounds" by Thirteen Senses
Thirteen Senses is one of my favorite bands. This is their first new album in a LONG TIME. And they killed it! It is so good. I've been zoning out on the subway listening to it. Favorites include "Reputation," "Out There," and "Home." Also, the files are in m4a. I hope that won't be a problem for anybody. I was too lazy to convert them.
Mood: emotionless
rosekay and I went to see Fast Five last night in IMAX. I bought the tickets on Fandango at the very last minute, and I wasn't expecting it to be that big of a deal because when I went to Fast & Furious in 2009 on opening night there was...only my friends in the theater. Cue me frantically calling her while I waited in line, trying to figure out how to get a seat and make sure she had our tickets. Thank Christ for this very nice (hot) man who saved two seats for me.

Thoughts on Fast Five, squeeing about Paul Walker's swimming pool eyes, and MAKE SURE YOU STAY AFTER THE CREDITSCollapse )

And now, for the first time in months, I have music for you! I have to confess that I have a ridiculous love for Within Temptation. I don't know why or how, but sometimes I have to put them on and leap about my apartment like I'm a glorious knight chasing after stupid princes and defeating dragons. Pity the people who live below me.

Ravings, thoughts, and download below the cutCollapse )

And we couldn't end this without a little TMI.

Uncomfortable lady issuesCollapse )
Apr 28 11 - WIP Amnesty
Mood: blank
Finally saw Nikita 1x18. I love Owen so much and I really wish they wouldn't try to deal with the fact that Devon Sawa and Maggie Q have more chemistry than stupid Shane West by making him crazy.

I started this fic just after the episode in Chile and with everything that's happened I'm probably never going to finish it.

1,415 words of Unfinished Nikita/Owen pornCollapse )
mood: facepalm
Soooo, regala_electra and I decided to go last minute to a concert just south of Houston on the west side, because whatever Easter was boring and all I did was watch Cheers and laze on the roof. Imagine my surprise, when I ordered a drink at the bar and turned around after signing the check to find Darren Criss ten feet away from me.

It wasn't beyond the realm of possibility, since he was friends with the lead singer of the band we were going to see, but I was nevertheless surprised. I am not good around famous people, not because I want to throw myself at them, but because I want to actively ignore them to the point where they are aware I am ignoring them so that they know I'm not trying to be a bother.

I failed in this miserably. Because, because, because while I went to get my second drink and a club soda for Reg, she politely went over to say hi. I was just about to tell her something when I turned around and there she was talking to Darren. We say hello and shake hands.

I then proceed to accuse him of cockblocking me (not specifying that I mean my attempt to talk to Reg). He apologizes very vociferously. There is much confusion. He then tells me very seriously that he never wants to be a cockblock, because he is "in favor of...of...cockbuilding."

Cue me clamping my lips together so that I don't laugh in his face, thanking god the bartender distracts him so that I can make my getaway.

Dearest everybody, Darren Criss is in favor of cockbuilding. I don't know what that is, but I'm sure it's titillating. And apparently I'm the sort of person who accuses Darren of cockblocking people.

Dear God, let me never meet Alexander Skarsgard or Timothy Olyphant.
Apr 24 11 - *headdesk*
stock: cotton candy
Ugh, god. Unexpected development of Social Network fic? People writing about my hometown again and getting it WRONG, WRONG, WRONG.

Although really, nothing beats the author who thought that San Jose was a vacation destination for a person living in San Francisco, or that you could smell the ocean when you arrived in Palo Alto.


Just. No.
Stock: covered face

I got back from Coachella this morning at 6 AM where technically the festival was still going on. Meredith had to be at work today though, so we cut out after CSS.

The view of the mountains from the ferris wheel.

You get so hot, so disgusting, so tired. You just want to kill everyone. And then you want to do it all over again. A short photodiary of coachellaCollapse )
Kitty: shoes

I haven't written successfully in forever. It occurred to me about fifteen minutes ago that the last time I was able to actually force myself into finishing a story was when I asked for Christmas card prompts. Ergo, give me prompts. I'm not promising anything, as you may remember the two last disastrous prompt fests I tried to do, but hopefully we can get one or two stories out of this thing and a couple of little ficlets like it was the old days.

I'll write Batman, Generation Kill, The Eagle, Tron, The Fast and The Furious, Mad Men, In Plain Sight, Haven, Nikita (although not Nikita/Michael), and pretty much anything else I've squeed about recently, because I'm probably forgetting stuff. If you're not sure, ask. You are always welcome to ask for ASkars/Stark characters mashed up from different movies. Please only new prompts. Also, the less fully formed they are, the easier it is for me to write.


Brad/Nate, Flannel for goshemily
Marcus/Esca, Modern Nanny AU for hypertwink
Brad/Nate, Voyeur in the Garden for tikiaceae
Brad/Nate, Firefly fusion for mydocuments
Mad Men, Don/Peggy, Banging Up Against A Wall for maypirate
Brad/Nate, in an older sandlot type world for little_missmimi
Apr 06 11 - Awesome Sauce
Sean O-Pry
Firstly, I'm not taking my laptop with me when I return home. It seems like that'll probably invite stress. Although things, good things, seem to be happening around me at the moment.

Secondly, I changed my twitter name to disillusionmint, and my tumblr to enchantmint after a conversation with tikiaceae revealed how mint crazy I am. I have mint colored pajamas, shorts, shirts, shoes, and I keep eying that mint blazer at top shop with intent.

Also, I was really tired of everybody thinking my name was playground patios. Or in the case of one person, Playground Pat-O-I-S.

Thirdly, for those of you just making the leap to dreamwidth, I'm sweetprince over there. I don't post much, because I can never figure out how to do things.
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